Closure for the festive season.

Closure for the festive season

Mafdel company will be closed on 24-25/12, and 31/12 – 01/01. The activity will be reduced throughout week 53.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and happy new year. Take care of yourself and your family during this difficult time.



Covid-19: MAFDEL is committed to ensuring the continuity of your processes

Visuel virus

As the world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic, our priority is to ensure the health and safety of all. We are aware that our products are a critical element for many production processes and our three production sites remain operational. The fabrication of standard and custom products is also operational but lead times may be extended.

The freight system, however, is subject to influences beyond our control. Under these conditions, we encourage you to anticipate your needs as best as you can.

Our sales teams can be reached through normal channels but the situation may be reviewed subject to future influences.

We wish you good health and that any disruption to your business activities may be short-lived and you recover quickly and successfully.

Mafdel member of EHEDG

MAFDEL is now member of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group).
The principal goal of EHEDG is the promotion of safe food by improving hygienic engineering and design in all aspects of food manufacture.
We are proud to manufacture our range of positive belts, the ultimate hygienic solution for food industry.


Meet Mafdel at Anutec exhibition – International FoodTec India.

From 13th to 15th of September 2019, Mafdel is at Anutec exhibition in partnership with Belting Enterprises.

Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063.


Meet Mafdel at Hannover Messe exhibition – Hall 25 Stand A34.

From 1st to 5th of April 2019, Mafdel is at Hannover Messe exhibition to show your our new range of thermoweldable belts and conveyor belts.

Hall 25 – Stand A34

Hannover Messe – Hermesallee – 30521 Hannover

Construction of a 3600m² production facility.

Nouvelle unité de production

A new 3600m² production facility was built to increase increasing production demands and optimize the development of new products.


MAFDEL joins the movement La French Fab.

Mafdel membre de la French Fab

Being proud to manufacture its belts and conveyor belts in France, MAFDEL is now part of the La French Fab movement that internationally promotes industrial know-how and products made in France.


Presentation of our conveyor belts at International Foodtec India (Bombay – India)

Logo du salon International Food-Tec India

Our range of conveyor belts was presented at the International Foodtec India exhibition in Mumbai from 27th to 29th September 2018.


New documentation on retaining clips.

Retaining clip picture

The retaining clips lock the sprockets, wheels and discs to prevent lateral movement on a 40x40mm square shaft.
See our documentation and contact us for more information.


Presentation of DEL/DRIVE and POSITIVEBELT positive drive belts at the NIBA convention.

NIBA logo
DEL/DRIVE and POSITIVEBELT Positive Drive Tapes were presented at the United States Conveyor Belt Manufacturers and Distributors (NIBA) Annual Convention from September 12 to 15, 2018.


Discover Mafdel’s products at Hannover Messe exhibition – Hall 22 Stand B31

Mafdel team at Hannover Messe 2018

From 23rd to 27th of April, Mafdel is at Hannover Messe to show you our range of thermoweldable belts and conveyor belts.

Hall 22 Stand B31

> Hannover Messe – Hermesallee – 30521 Hannover


Meet Mafdel at Hannover Messe exhibition – Hall 25 Stand G19

Meet Mafdel at Hannover Messe exhibition

Meet Mafdel at Hannover Messe exhibition, from 24th to 28th of April and discover our range of thermoweldable belts and conveyor belts.

Hall 25 Stand G19

>> Hannover Messe – Hermesallee – 30521 Hannover


Meet Mafdel at Pro2Pac exhibition London – Stand N652

Until 22nd of march, meet Mafdel at Pro2Pac exhibition with our partner GB Belting, and discover our range of extruded belts, monomaterial belts and positively driven conveyor belts.
Stand N652

>> Pro2Pac and Waste-Works – ExCeL London
1 Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, London Docklands, E16 1XL


DEL/DRIVE 50-25 – The new positively driven dual drive conveyor belt

DEL/DRIVE 50-25 picture

The new positively driven DEL/DRIVE 50-25 conveyor belt has a pitch of 50mm on one side, and 25mm on the other.
It can be run in two configurations:

– DEL/DRIVE 50 conveyor belt equipped with cleats pitch of 25mm
– DEL/DRIVE 25 conveyor belt equipped with cleats pitch of 50mm

>> Please refer to the DEL/DRIVE 50-25 leaflet for further details.

DEL/DRIVE 25 – The positively driven 25mm pitch conveyor belt with a maximum width of 1200 mm

DEL/DRIVE 25 picture

The positively driven DEL/DRIVE 25 conveyor belt is now available in a wider 1200mm width.

Compliant with the strictest hygiene standards, it is capable of negotiating small pulley diameters, creating small transfer distances and compact drives.

>> Please refer to the DEL/DRIVE 25 (1200mm width) leaflet for further details.

The NEW range of Mafdel joining tools

Nouvelle gamme de fers à souder pour courroies thermosoudables

We are pleased to introduce the new range of welding tools for use with Mafdel extruded round and V belts (MC50 and MC150) and also conveyor belts up to 200mm wide (MC100 and MC200).

The new generation of Mafdel welding tools benefit from features that optimize and further improve the joining process such as:

– Rapid heat up (2 minutes)
– Electronic regulation
– Temperature indication
– Ergonomically shaped
– High performance PTFE blade
– Thermally insulated
– Integrated stand

>> Consult the documentation for MC50 welding iron for thermoweldable extruded belts.
>> Consult the documentation for MC100 – MC200 welding irons for thermoweldable conveyor belts.
>> Consult the documentation for MC150 welding iron for overlap joining of extruded belts.


polybelt2-mafdel-newsNew thermoweldable, bi-material v-belt, reinforced with aramid cords.
The Polybelt+ belt complies with the most stringent food standards and offers optimum specifications for roller tangential drive and load transfer.
Highly resistant to abrasion and cuts, the Polybelt+ belt offers great roller flexibility and a very high load capacity.
Available in a cogged format in polyurethane 85 or 95 ShA. It is also very easy to weld using Mafdel overlap welding tools.

>> See the documentation

POSITIVEBELT positive drive belt reinforced for live roller applications

positivebelt-renforcee-mafdel-newsThe POSITIVEBELT positive drive belt is reinforced with aramid cords and offers optimum characteristics for driving rollers.

It offers a high load capacity and good grip while eliminating the risk of slippage.

>> See the documentation


POSITIVEBELT positive drive belt in polyester elastomer

positivebelt-elastomere-de-polyester-mafdel-newsThe POSITIVEBELT conveyor belt made from polyester elastomer offers excellent resistance to elongation.

It can be used on wide spacing and support medium to heavy loads.
In some cases, its low friction coefficient allows for product accumulation.

The POSITIVEBELT belt made from polyester elastomer also offers excellent resistance to temperature variation.