Thermoweldable belts for industrial handling

Mafdel offers a wide range of belts for industrial handling that meet your different application needs.


This range includes: round belts, trapezoidal belts, ridge-top belts and special belts.


Thermoweldable round and v-belts


Mafdel belts have optimum characteristics for many applications:


Ease and flexibility of use

  • Easily welded on site with no specialist skill requirement
  • On site joining without dismantling of conveyors
  • Immediate repairs without production downtime
  • Possibility of shortening or lengthening a belt to suit your needs
  • Easy repair of damaged belts
  • Flexibility in conveyor design and selected belt spacing
  • Reduced and simplified belt stock


Optimum hygiene

  • Mono-material products, waterproof, rot-resistant
  • Smooth surfaces to inhibit bacterial growth
  • Resistant to water, animal and vegetable oils and fats
  • Resistant to detergent products
  • Easy to clean


Wide product range

  • Considerable choice of belts with varied characteristics providing solutions for most handling requirements
  • Wide range of coverings for trapezoidal belts
  • A variety of friction coefficients on round belts available depending on need


Highly durable

  • Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Excellent resistance to hydrocarbons and many solvents
  • Very high traction capacity with aramid reinforcement combined with an overlap weld.



Table comparing benefits of the different methods of industrial conveying

MAFDEL thermoweldable belts Rubber
Ease of assembly +
Resistance to chemical
and hydrocarbon products
+ +
Abrasion resistance +
Ease of maintenance +
Can be coated + +
Easy to clean +
Simplified stock management + +
Silent use + +
Suitability for food contact +


Our production methods also let us offer custom-made belts in order to meet our clients’ needs.

You can download the full catalogue here.