DEL/SYNC positive drive belts

The belt that combines transportation and synchronous drive with perfect precision and positioning.

The DEL/SYNC is a mono-material belt reinforced with aramid traction cords combining transport and synchronous drive with high precision.


DEL/SYNC conveyor belt : synchronous positive drive



  Synchronous positive drive

  Operates under tension

  Product positioning

  Accessories: Special-shaped profiles,
……studded coating

  Reinforced belt

  Centrally positioned teeth

  Optimum hygiene

  Perfect guidance


Integrally moulded teeth are part of the belt offer perfect guidance and ensures precise positioning of the transported products.
The perfectly smooth upper surface of the DEL/SYNC maintains optimum hygiene and makes belt cleaning easy.
The DEL/SYNC also operates on small diameter rollers.


The different products in the DEL/SYNC range respond to different usage criteria: need for grip, transported load, conveyor length, roller diameter, etc.


It is possible to add specially-shaped profiles synchronised with the belt teeth for product positioning.
Studded coating: upon request.