Runners for belts

Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Mafdel VIT/GLISS runners provide:


  • Excellent belt guidance
  • An excellent friction coefficient with regard to steel or stainless steel runners, allowing higher belt loads transported on the belts.



Our VIT/GLISS runners offer additional advantages:

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good impact resistance
  • Good protection against corrosion and most chemical agents
  • Option to assemble these runners on galvanised or stainless steel rails in a C-shape to allow for potential longitudinal expansion of the HDPE guide.


white runner for v-belt

white runner for round belt




Runners for round belts

Standard runner range in black HDPE, in stock, for 6 to 18mm diameter round belts, offered in 3 metre lengths, mounted or unmounted on a C-shaped steel rail.
Option to provide these runners in blue or white, upon request.

round belts runner

runner with stainless steel rail for round belt




Runners for curved round belts

The excellent flexibility of the runner for curved round belts allows for directional guidance around curved applications.

runner for curved conveyor

runners for curved conveyor


We offer two standard models for round belts with a diameter of 12 mm:


For other runner sections or belt diameters:
  Please enquire

runner for curved conveyor 25x16

runner for curved conveyor 20x20




Runners for trapezoidal belts

Standard runners range from 10x6mm to 32x19mm belts.
Offered in 3 metre lengths, they can be assembled on C-shaped steel rails.

v-belt runner

runner with rail for v-belt




Special runners for trapezoidal belts

Special runners can be custom-manufactured for specific or non-standard applications.

special runner for v-belt

customized runner for v-belt

special runners for v-belt



 Our experienced application support technicians are always available to discuss your application requirements and suggest the appropriate solution to your requirement.