Thermoweldable round belts

Mafdel offers a wide range of round, thermoweldable belts meeting most needs:

  • Polyurethane or polyester elastomer
  • Wide range of hardnesses
  • Reinforced or unreinforced
  • Smooth or frosted surfaces
  • Welded or fastened (tubular)
  • Open or endless



Round belts



Reinforced round belts

The tensile reinforcement in round belts is constructed of aramid fibres for pu belts and polyester fibres for polyester elastomer belts.

Reinforcement prevents belt elongation and reduces tension take up during belt installation.

Round reinforced belts are especially suited to the following cases:

  • Long centre distances
  • Transporting heavy loads
  • Accumulation or full-load start
Reinforced round belt
Polyester reinforced round belt
Aramid reinforced round belt


Frosted round belts

All round belts with a diameter of 6 to 18 mm can be frosted.
Frosting decreases the friction coefficient, improves belt sliding on the support and makes the accumulation of transported products easier.

Frosted round belt

Round belt reinforced and frosted


Endless round belts

Mafdel manufactures endless round belts upon request. These include small, medium and large series: SOUPLEX; POLY/FLEX; DEL/FLEX; DEL/ROC types.
A wide range of belts offers great flexibility in the choice of diameters and lengths.

transmission from drive shaft to rollers with round belts

Layshaft live roller drives

Roller-to-roller driving


Live roller drives


Tubular round belts

Tubular round belts allow for quick joining on site without the need for welding tools.  Joining is by the use of a non-return plug which is inserted into each end of the belt.

This type of belt is often used in applications where frequent assembly/disassembly may be required or for easy repair.
This belt style can also be welded if required.

Tubular round belt

Tubular pu round belt