Focus on the positive conveyor belt

Several families of conveyor belts are available on the market.
We would like to introduce you to the Positivebelt.


This single-material belt offers perfect guidance with its double row of moulded-in teeth.
This design makes it easy to clean and ensures optimum hygiene.


This single-material conveyor belt complies with the most stringent European and international standards. In particular for the food industry.
It can benefit from an anti-microbial treatment in the mass, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria, reduces the development of odours and thus guarantees an optimal level of hygiene.


This belt is used in :
– the meat and poultry industry,
– the fish and seafood industry,
– canning industry,
– in industrial bakeries and pastry shops.

Would you like to know if it is suitable for your production or packaging site?
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