Thermoweldable V-belts

Mafdel offers a wide range of trapezoidal belts, to meet most needs:

  • Polyurethane or polyester elastomer
  • Wide range of hardnesses
  • Reinforced or unreinforced
  • Cogged or plain
  • With or without top surface cover



v belts



Reinforced V-belts – Polybelt+

The tensile reinforcement in V-belts is constructed of aramid fibres. Reinforcement prevents belt elongation and reduces tension take up during belt installation.

reinforced v-belt
aramid reinforced v-belt
reinforced v-belt



Cogged V-belts

To accommodate a requirement for decreased pulley diameter, Mafdel’s trapezoidal belts can be cogged from 10x6mm section upwards.
It is also possible to increase the depth of the cog to accommodate even smaller roller diameters.

cogged v-belt
industrial cogged v-belt

10 x 6     |     13 x 8

17 x 11     |     22 x 14     |     32 x 19



Belt coatings

Covers can be bonded to trapezoidal belts from 10x6mm section upwards.
A wide range of coatings meets handling requirements in terms of grip, slippage and resistance to abrasion or temperature.


SOUPLEX 85 ShA and TOTALGRIP 70 ShA polyurethane coatings
belt with smooth surface
studded surface
belt with saw-tooth surface
SG3 surface for v-belts
trapezoidal belt with trellis surface

Smooth coating

Studded coating

Saw-tooth coating

SG3 coating

Trellis coating



High grip coatings

Green PVC coating
Black rubber coating

Green PVC grip-top coating

Black rubber grip-top coating


Other coatings
Polyester felt surface for v-belt
Aramid felt surface
linatech surface for vbelt
Lycra surface for v belt

Polyester felt

Aramid felt





Our experienced application support technicians are always available to discuss your application requirements and suggest the appropriate cover type.