Thermoweldable ridge-top belts

Certain applications require the use of a ridge-top belt to minimise contact with the transported product: tiles, pottery works, wood industry, etc.



Mafdel offers two types of ridge-top belts:


Standard ridge-top belts

Completely homogeneous, standard ridge-top belts are made in a single material.
They are available in DEL/FLEX red and aramid reinforced SOUPLEX white.

ridge-top cogged v-belt
ridge-top v-belt
standard ridge-top v-belt



TOPGRIP ridge-top belts

The TOPGRIP ridge-top offers grip, flexibility and is resistant to abrasion. TOPGRIP can be bonded to all V-belts in the range (except Del/Roc belts).
Mafdel offers a wide range of ridge-top belts in various options appropriate to the transported loads and roller diameters.

bi-material v-belt


ridge-top belt
ridge-top v-belt cogged
ridge-top v-belt