MAFDEL belts and thermoweldable belts are suitable for many applications

Mafdel manufactures belts and conveyor belts for industrial conveying.

The extensive range of manufactured products allows you a choice of product that exactly suits your application’s specific requirement:

  • Hardness
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Reinforcement
  • Cogging
  • Coating
  • Friction coefficient
  • Suitability for food contact
  • Tensioned installation
  • Operating temperatures
  • Etc.



Therefore, our thermoweldable belts and conveyor belts present an optimum solution in many industries

Agri-food industries

  Meat and poultry

  Fish and seafood

  Dairy/Cheese industries

  Fruits and vegetables


  Industrial bakeries and pastry making



Other industries (non-food)

  Metallic and plastic packaging

  Farm equipment

  Wood and glass industries

  Cardboard, print works

  Roller conveyors, logistice

  Construction materials



Our belts and conveyor belts help provide an optimum level of hygiene to satisfy HACCP (Hazard Analysis Control Point) process requirements and are compliant with the most stringent international standards.