Belts and conveyor belts for the agri-food industry

Our homogeneous thermoplastic materials are highly valued in the agri-food industry for their many benefits:

  • Compliant with the most stringent European and international standards
  • Easy to clean without dismantling the conveyors
  • Impermeable to bacterial agents
  • Resistant to chemical products, oils and grease
  • Mono-material belts eliminate the risk of fraying and product contamination
  • Waterproof and rot-resistant products
  • On-site welding that reduces production downtime
  • Option to add a scraper to all conveyor belts in the range


Some of our belts also benefit from an antimicrobial treatment in the polymer that prevents bacterial growth and reduces the development of odours, guaranteeing optimum hygiene.

Meat – poultry industry

Mafdel has developed a wide range of products suitable for the specific constraints of the meat processing industry: cutting, deboning, sorting, portioning, handling, labelling, packaging, etc.
Our conveyor belt and thermoweldable belt characteristics comply with an optimum level of hygiene in the meat and poultry industries.

poultry conveyor belt

conveyor belt for meat industry

Fish and seafood industry

The Mafdel range of belts is suitable for conveying and processing fresh, frozen or minced fish.
Products are carefully preserved and transported throughout the processing process: filleting, deboning, lifting, waste processing, packaging, etc.
Belts and conveyor belts in the range easily endure frequent and intensive washing that is specific to this industry.

fish conveyor belt

seafood conveyor belt

Dairy products industry

Dairy product processing must be carried out under perfectly hygienic conditions in order to avoid any bacterial growth during the process.
Mafdel conveyor belts are perfectly suited to these stringent standards: Products in our range are completely mono-material (without textile threads), which offers a completely smooth upper surface eliminating any risk of bacterial growth.

conveyor belt cheese industry

belt cheese industry

Fruits and vegetable industry

Processing and conveying fruit and vegetables requires delicate handling to prevent damage to product that is often fragile.
Mafdel offers a complete range of belts and conveyor belts that support you throughout processing: washing, sorting, cutting, calibrating, packaging, etc.

conveyor belt for vegetables

belt for fruits


Canning industry

The characteristics of Mafdel thermoweldable belt and conveyor belts meet canning industry requirements. Our conveyor belts do not mark transported products and can be equipped with a scraper to ensure optimum hygiene throughout the process (from receiving the product to final packaging). They are also very easy to clean.

conveyor belt for canning industry

food conveyor belt for canning factory

Industrial bakeries and pastry making

Mafdel belts and conveyor belts offer characteristics suitable for use in industrial bakeries and pastry making.
Mafdel conveyor belts are highly resistant to oils and fats and also offer excellent thermal resistance.
Special coatings can be added to the belt’s surface to provide excellent product release.

conveyor belt for biscuit factory

belt for patisserie industry