Process upgrades through belting V4.0

Did you know that the first food grade synthetic coated conveyor belts appeared in the 1960’s?

On closer inspection, it is obvious that the 30 glorious years of industrialisation brought innovations in this field, and each new product is pushed by another one that is more hygienic, easier to clean and to use.

We have traced these innovations in a few pictures and comments, but what interests us most today is how these conveyor belts are used and what benefits they bring to the user:

  • Hygiene
  • Cost reduction
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliability
  • Compliance

seem to be the key criteria for most industries.

What will be the alternatives of tomorrow?

More performance for positive drive monomaterial belts:

  • No fabric contamination
  • No delamination
  • Resistant to hard plastics shedding
  • No harbours for bacteria
  • Simple to retro-fit
  • Fit and forget operation
  • Quiet in operation
  • Water, chemical and labour saving
  • EU, FDA and USDA approved

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