POSITIVEBELT conveyor belt

Self-centering positive drive belt

POSITIVEBELT is a mono-material belt providing perfect guidance using double rows of integrally moulded teeth in the body of the belt.



POSITIVEBELT conveyor belt : self-tracking positive drive conveyor belt



  Positive drive

  Exceptional guidance

  Accessories: Sidewalls and profiles

  Optimum hygiene

  Assembly without tensioning



The perfectly smooth upper surface of the POSITIVEBELT makes belt cleaning easy and helps to maintain optimum hygiene.
Highly resistant to abrasions and tears, the POSITIVEBELT offers extended durability.


Assembly without tensioning limits stress/strain on the conveyor components.
Profiles and sidewalls can be welded to the belt to meet handling needs.
The combination of double row teeth and sprockets with a central disk ensures that the belt is perfectly guided.


In general, the belt is driven by sprockets mounted on the square shaft, or on a driving drum equipped with special sprockets.
The return shaft is equipped with disks. Wheels can be added between the sprockets and disks.