The battle against microbes intensifies …

Ten years ago, Mafdel introduced a range of products infused with an antimicrobial treatment. The battle against bacteria has not abated and the protection of consumers remains the number one priority for food producers.



What is an antimicrobial treatment?

An antibacterial treatment, as found in Mafdel’s antimicrobial products, inhibits the growth of bacteria yet does not taint or affect the transported product in any way.  The effectiveness of the antimicrobial does not diminish over time and is present and effective throughout the lifespan of the belt.

An antimicrobial additive is not a substitute for good sanitization but, once the belt is cleaned, the antimicrobial infusion maintains the bacteria count at a far lower level than a normal untreated belt would be able to.

A Mafdel antimicrobial belt is an extra level of protection for your food safety regimes.

How about legislation?

To put it simply, Mafdel’s antimicrobial infusions are inert and comply with EU Regulation 10/2011, as well as FDA requirements for North America.



Which products benefit from this treatment?

Mafdel has chosen to offer two antimicrobial products for use in the food industry. They are Del/Drive 50 and Positivebelt both of which are TPU positively driven belts.

The antimicrobial additive supplements the existing characteristics of the belt without altering them in any way whilst also providing the following benefits;

– Inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and other micro-organisms over the belt:

o In hard to reach areas where cleaning during shifts is difficult,

o Where belt surfaces are worn or scratched which are breeding grounds for bacteria.

– Can delays the need to replace the belt.

All technical specifications are available in the downloadable data sheet : Mafdel-Antimicrobial-EN

Do these products meet your expectations in terms of hygiene and safety? Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts in the food industry to evaluate your needs.