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Can you save money by installing a positive drive belt instead of a modular belt?

The answer is YES! For each daily wash with a positive drive belt type DEL/DRIVE 50 you save: 62% water and 63% less cleaning time   Many of you have asked us this question, especially in the food industry. Each time, we get the same answer, but we have very few figures to back up […]
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Process upgrades through belting V4.0

Did you know that the first food grade synthetic coated conveyor belts appeared in the 1960’s? On closer inspection, it is obvious that the 30 glorious years of industrialisation brought innovations in this field, and each new product is pushed by another one that is more hygienic, easier to clean and to use. We have […]
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New catalogues

Our 3 new catalogues are the real bibles of the conveyor belt and the themroweldable belt. You will find all the new products for 2022 in 3 editions: thermoweldables profiles, mono-material conveyor belts, positive drive conveyor belts. In order to further our commitment to the planet and to adapt to new consumption patterns, we have […]
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