How to track a conveyor belt?

To guide a smooth conveyor belt there are two possibilities:

  • Use crowned drums which are very slightly bigger in diameter in the centre than at the sides
  • Set up a central tracking guide or two longitudinal guides on the lower surface of the belt.

In both cases, all of the drums must be perfectly parallel (motor, return and back up rollers).

Positive drive belts are very easy to guide:

  • For a DEL/DRIVE conveyor belt, we recommend using flanged sprockets. As the belt is not tensioned, the flanges help maintain the belt in the longitudinal axis. For wider gaps, it is recommended to add lateral guide pads.
  • For a POSITIVEBELT conveyor belt, guidance is made automatically thanks to the drive sprockets.
  • In the case of a DEL/SYNC conveyor belt, the channel on the conveyor bed ensures central tracking.