Modular belts

MAFDEL present a range of modular belts developed in partnership with Modutech.


A wide range of modular belting meets the needs of industries such as food-processing, automotive, logistics, wood, chemical, paper and printing…

A flexible and economical conveying solution

  • Unlimited width and length
  • Quick and easy repairs
  • Resistance to impact, friction, cuts and chemicals
  • Different surface options: smooth, perforated, open, grooved, adhesive…


Positively sprocket driven

  • No risk of slippage
  • Fixed center-to-center distances


Many configurations possible

  • Horizontal, curved, inclined/declined, spiral and different swan neck styles
  • The ability to combine conveyor configurations


Accessories to suit a wide range of different applications

  • Straight or scooped profiles (on demand)
  • Sideguards
  • Rubber-top modules
  • Roller top


To meet many needs, the range is comprised of three categories:


Straight running

Straight running

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Side flexing

side flexing

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Slat chains

slat chain

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